The GraX is a local Internet Exchange Platform located in the south-east of Austria in Steiermark/Graz enabeling Network Operators  to interconnect their Networks via BGP.

Available Datacenters:

Neufeldweg 162 / 8041 Graz

Raiffeisenplatz 1 / 8074 Raaba

Contact Information:

Ing. Martin Jantscher
Ing. Bernd Spiess

+43 3115 / 40800

A gigabit or a ten-gigabit port on the GraX eXchange Network is available for each participant. Peering sessions are arranged with the connected operators according to bilateral agreements. Because the GraX is sponsored we do not charge you for the connection.

Each Participant has to own a Ripe LIR as well as an AS and must be able to handle BGP Routing. IP Transit handover on the Peering Switch is not allowed.

Peering Participants: GmbH - Core 1 GmbH - Core 2 OG EDV Systeme Trummer  Telekommunikations GmbH Energietechnik GmbH GmbH GmbH Telekommunikations GmbH Internet Service GmbH Telekom - Core 1 Telekom - Core 2 Solutions